Live more. Push Yourself. Dare to Dream.

Hey Gorgeous!

So this week I'm in New York shooting with a phenomenal photographer that I get to work with on the regular - Wendy Yalom. Wendy and I both travel the world connecting and working with some of the most influential businesswomen, authors, and speakers in the world. Not only do I love the opportunity to create impactful beauty looks in all of the incredible locations that I explore, I also get great pleasure from meeting and working with these inspirational women.

Photographer Wendy Yalom, Beauty Stylist Brooke Price, Elizabeth de Moreas Success Coach & Video Strategist. Shooting on location in NYC.

….But go back a few years and my life looked very different. I was a young mother with a newborn little girl suffering from extreme anxiety. When I say extreme, I meant I would need to be in frequent contact with my husband for emotional support just to get through the day. I was terrified of travel to a point where I struggled to even leave my home and be anywhere that wasn't a familiar surrounding. My anxiety got to such a point that I even lost friendships through lack of participation in social events and of course, it totally affected my ability to work and be successful. When you can barely cope with going food shopping, traveling to see a client even just a few miles away is like climbing Mount Everest!

This anxiety period was a time of massive change for me. I’d left my job to have a child, I was a new mother and my family had emigrated to New Zealand 12,000 miles away. I was incredibly alone and my world had become so small. 

To now look at these two polarities, there is extreme contrast. From experiencing frequent panic attacks and struggling to get through the day without constant anxiety to then traveling the world independently meeting people from all walks of life and adventuring cities, islands and beaches…..

You might ask ‘What changed and how did it happen?’

Well, to say that the following couple of years were a massive rollercoaster is an understatement. I worked hard to surround myself with the right people. I made the choice to take better care of myself, be kind to myself and seek techniques that would help me heal and move forward.

But what was the big turning point? Well, it was this…..

I made the conscious decision to change my life. That's it. The strong, true and powerful decision that how my life looked would no longer be my life moving forward. It took but a milli-second.

To elaborate, I found that there came a day where I was thoroughly pissed off and angry with myself for allowing my mind to put so many limitations on me. What was safe, what wasn’t, where I could go, where I couldn’t, what I was capable of, what I wasn’t, who I could securely spend time with, when fear could win, when I could have fun, when I couldn’t…. etc. It was all bullshit!

So << Test First Name >>, why am I sharing this with you and why should you care? Because I know what it means to limit yourself. I know how easy it is to stay safe, stick with what you know and not worry about failure. But with all that easy comes a whole lack of excitement, fulfillment, and creativity. 

Behind the scenes with Wendy Yalom & Luisa Zhou shooting in NYC.

With that in mind, I say to you...


Don't live with regrets and "what if’s" and don't wait until your smarter, thinner, better connected, [insert personal limitation here] to start seeking out what you desire.

Do it now, do it with courage and do it because you fucking can!

On location shooting at the beautiful & very elegant Baccarat Hotel, NYC.

You have to dream it before you can realise it. And if you need support from an incredibly genuine, encouraging and sincere community of makeup artists that are on the same journey, (plus a whole heap of free business mentoring from me) then I invite you to join Beauty & Business Hosted by Brooke Price (link below), my amazing and exclusive Facebook Group especially for MakeUp Artists just like you. 

I can't wait to see you there!  And until next time….


B E  A  Q U E E N ! 

Brooke xo



Brooke Price