Stop what you're doing, It's time for glitter! :0

Hey Beauty,

Have you ever looked for beauty inspiration, spotted a hot runway makeup look but ultimately determined that it’s a completely unwearable as every day makeup? 😭 Me too, which led me to consider…

How can the modern, every day woman like you and I take inspiration from beautiful runway looks and actually be able to pull them off in our day to day lives?

In my latest video this week I wanted to share with you something that’s fresh off the runway but totally fun and most importantly, totally wearable. ✨This might not be your average office day or school run look, but it’s edgy and beautiful without being too statement.

If you really want to add a little more personality to your makeup and not turn into a Debbie Downer now we’ve firmly said goodbye to summer and hello to knit wear, then you need to check it out!

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 23.10.40.png

If I told you that wearing black eyeliner and holographic glitter could be ‘every day makeup’ Im sure you’d think I were insane, but you really CAN pull it off if you’re smart about how you wear it, truly. (Spoiler alert -Keep everything natural and clean, then choose one key feature to ‘pop’.) 👌

This one really is simple but impactful and to make it even easier to play with it, you simply need some glitter and an eyeliner pencil. Boom! 💥

Once you’ve watched the video, send me a comment and let me know if this look inspires you and if it’s one you’d try for yourself.

Also, I’m now taking bookings with those of you that want me to host your very own Online Beauty Consultation where I create a customised, personal and totally Bespoke MakeUp Look just for you whether that be for your every day confidence or something playful and unique for an occasion! To learn more, send me a message. (This makes an amazing, thoughtful gift too!) 💝

With Grace & Gratitude,

Brooke xo

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P.P.S Do you have a girlfriend that would love add more edge to her every day makeup? Then share. 👭

Brooke Price