The Power of Branding

So you've booked your photoshoot and it's the day of...

The excitement and anticipation of spending a day in front of the camera, representing yourself and your kickass business is building. You've booked a shoot to celebrate your successes and your journey, and to be more visible in your business. You've invested in an incredible experience which will raise your vibration both personally, and for your business.

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The nerves start to build as you wonder how you will feel in front of the camera. Your Hair & MakeUp Pro arrives and instantly puts you at ease, while she transforms you into the most amazing version of yourself, looking flawless and polished, ready to turn heads as you stand in front of the camera.

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You look in the mirror and the nerves are gone, replaced with excitement and delight - you know you are in safe hands for the rest of the experience. You are working with women who have listened and understood you, and they totally get your vibe.

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Your Beauty Pro is on hand for the entire shoot, ready to update your lip colour, smooth your hair and check that everything is on point. They have delivered an experience not just reserved for celebrities, but for you too. The range of luxury products and pre-shoot prep has made you feel like a million dollars. Time that has been taken to consult with you and prep for the shoot has given you a totally unforgettable experience.

The delivery of the styling experience and the lead up to stepping in-front of the camera makes you feel so much more confident and prepared to be in-front of the camera, and for a day of shooting where you are the leading lady.

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When you receive your images you are blown away and reflect on the day; you were taken care of from start to finish, made to feel like the most important person in the world, with everything tailored to you needs and desires. The impact it has had on you and your business is priceless.

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Bonnie’s Experience

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"Brooke was a dream to work with, literally a dream!! When I walked out the door to my shoot, I looked on the outside, the way I feel on the inside.... -Beautiful.

"Brooke from the very beginning was a true professional. She reviewed my Pinterest boards and Facebook page to become familiar with me, my style and my brand and my results reflected that! Brooke captured 'me' but better!

"The time leading up to a shoot is important as to how you will go into your shoot. That time spent with Brooke was exactly what I needed! Relaxed, well taken care of and in great company! Highly, highly recommend her!!" - Bonnie

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Brooke xo

Brooke Price