LVL - more than a standard lash treatment

Have you heard of LVL? It stands for Length Volume Lift and is a revolutionary lash treatment offered by the Beauty Luxe Pro team.

It works by lifting the lashes at the root and tinting them, making your lashes appear longer and thicker, without the need for mascara and lasts for 6-8 weeks!

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Beauty Luxe Pro clients often choose to have an LVL because of the high impact and long-lasting result it creates visually, in both photographs as well as in person.

LVL is popular with brides, holiday-goers and women who want a wide, bright-eyed effect on a day-to-day basis, without the need to wear makeup.

What else is there to love about LVL?

They're fuss free - once the treatment is done you are set and don't need to return for any maintenance. As they last on average 6-8 weeks they'll save you time in the morning, so no more searching for the eyelash curler! Even better, although you can still wear mascara, you don't need to as we tint them too. This means that they are perfect for holidays; no more panda eyes when you're in the pool or in high humidity.

The reason we offer LVL is because they simply enhance your natural lashes - there are no adhesives used, no maintenance required and no need to return to have anything removed. Totally fuss-free natural lashes which are simply enhanced!

We offer a spa-like experience where you can lie back for the 45 minute treatment and relax. Take a look at the video above to find out more about why women love LVL.

Love & gratitude,

Brooke xo

Brooke Price