The Celebrity-Style Beauty Experience

I want to shed some light on what a celebrity-style experience actually is.

When I founded Beauty Luxe Pro I wanted to give my clients an experience like no other. I didn't just want to make them look a million dollars, I wanted to make them feel a million dollars.


That's what I've created with my signature celebrity-style experience Hair & MakeUp Styling.

Beauty Luxe Pro is made up of a elite team of Beauty Professionals. we don't just turn up, do the job and leave. We are invested in you, the occasion for your styling, and ensuring you really do have an experience like no other.

Yes we work with celebrities, but the luxe experience isn't just reserved for them, it's given to every single Beauty Luxe Pro client. From the moment we connect your journey begins. We work with you before, during and after to ensure no detail is left out.

This is your experience and we will make sure it is unforgettable, for all the right reasons!

We work with brides to be, serious girl bosses on branding shoots, race days, parties and many other occasions.

What occasion do you have coming up that you want to invest in the celebrity-style experience for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

Brooke xo

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