CHANEL meets Beauty Luxe Pro


Beauty Luxe Pro recently had its 11th birthday this year, so it only seems fitting that I share with you what inspired the brand, what we stand for and what that means for you...

Let me take you back to when I was 17… I’d spontaneously made it to New Zealand from the UK and dove straight into completing a first year Arts Degree in the beautiful city of Christchurch.

With grit and determination, I was immediately hired by CHANEL to manage a brand new account in the city. I was beyond excited to dive into the role, the brand and the products! I mean, its CHANEL, right?! :)

The brand were a dream. They continually invested in my training in both skin analysis and makeup throughout my year with them. Representing the most globally recognised and iconic beauty brand really gave me the pleasure of working with luxury products, and providing an experience, not just a transaction for every client I worked with.


Following my return to the UK, this naturally became the basis for how I wanted to run Beauty Luxe Pro - to turn hair and makeup styling into a luxury experience.

When Beauty Luxe Pro was born, I knew that I wanted to give women a luxurious, thoughtful and prestigious experience to remember. At the time, all I could see was a variety of artists offering a service where they were offering to just turn up for a hair and makeup application and leave. I could see that this massively undervalued the opportunity to make a woman FEEL incredible. Not only that, but I wanted to make sure that every client my team and I worked with didn’t just see an improvement in their look, but rather, a transformation that allowed them to step into the very best image of themselves.

Let’s face it, the two options are non comparable.

The Experience, the feeling of joy, worthiness and beauty and the standard of skills we hold then shaped what I now call the Beauty Luxe Pro 'Celebrity-Style Experience', something not just reserved for the celebrities I work with but for all women that want and deserve to feel worthy, beautiful and radiant.

I knew women deserved more, and it’s been my mission to make them become their most incredible selves, inside and out, ever since. Over the years I have grown my team of only elite professionals and am proud to say that each Professional has been hand-picked by me to ensure all our clients receive our stellar experience.


Recently I have been working during fashion week on shows sponsored by luxury brands, learning more about the current trends and techniques in the industry. I’ve been published in Elle, Vogue and GQ, and I work all over the world.

This didn’t happen by accident, hard work and determination along with my passion has been the driving force, but all along my mission has been the same - for every client I give the same Celebrity-Style Experience, crafted by my many years in the industry.

I'd love for you to see what our clients say.

Gratitude & grace,
Brooke xo

Brooke Price